My Favorite Links

These are a few of my favorite websites.  They are full of useful information and discussions.

Favorite Cub Cadet Websites  These websites have a lot of useful information for anyone interested in the Cub Cadet hobby.  Besides a lot of helpful hints and interesting discussion, they allow downloading of several manuals necessary for anyone serious about the hobby.

Favorite Facebook Page  This Facebook page always has a  discussion of a variety of tractors.  If you get a chance, attend the Extravaganza they sponsor each June in Southwestern Indiana.  It’s a great show.

Favorite Magazine  

Custom Tractors  I only do custom tractors for myself, so if you’re interested in obtaining a custom tractor, check out this link.  Kurt Smith, owner of The Little Tractor Company, has been making custom tractors for several years.  He does a fantastic job if you’re looking for someone to build a custom tractor.  Check out his website to see some of the beautiful, custom built tractors he has made.

Restorations  As with Custom Tractors, I just do restorations for myself.  I just don’t have the patience to do the kind of job I would want someone to pay for.  And, I just don’t have the time that’s necessary.  When someone contacts me about a restoration, I always refer them to:

(Click on image for larger view.)

(Click on image for larger view.)

If you know of someone who does restorations and would like to be added to my website, please let me know.