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  • Refurbishing Hub Caps
    I saw a "helpful hint" for refurbishing rusted hub caps on TV and tried it out. It worked pretty well so I posted the results here.
  • Creating Mini Projects
    This is an article that I wrote and originally appeared in Lawn & Garden Tractor Magazine. If you don't subscribe, you're missing out on a great magazine. You can find a link to their website under the Favorite Links tab of my website.
  • Checking a Mechanical Voltage Regulator
    When I had a regulator problem with one of my Cub Cadets, I set out to find out how the regulator worked. I couldn’t find any good, simple discussions on the subject, so I played around until I found how I think everything works. This article is based on my ideas and impressions and isn’t necessarily correct but seemed to make sense to me. I take no responsibility for the accuracy of my ideas.
  • Clutch Removal and Disassembly
    I've removed and replaced over a dozen clutches in narrow frame Cub Cadets. I spent a lot of time working under the tractor for the first few I worked on. Since then I've found easier ways and have to do very little work under the tractor. This article explains how I do the work.
  • Removing the Front PTO and Basket Pulley
    I only deal with narrow frame Cub Cadet garden tractors so all the following discussion concerns those series of tractors. It seems that removing the front PTO is always a challenge. I’ll explain here how I do it.
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