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When I purchased the rake it had been sitting outside on it’s back.  The rear wheels were rusted in position and would neither pivot or rotate.

Note:  All the pictures below were taken “after the fact.”  I get in too big of a hurry when I’m disassembling this stuff to stop and take pictures.   And, with all the pentrant I use to free stuff up, it gets really too messy to pick up a camera.

This picture was taken after I’d freed the wheels up, but here’s the position they were stuck in.











The first thing I did was soak everything with a 50/50 mixture of acetone/automatic transmission fluid that I always use to free rusted objects.  I removed the two bolts that holds the whole wheel assembly in place so I could support it in my shop vice.














After sitting for a while I managed to get the wheel bracket to just move a little bit by tapping it with a hammer.  Once it moved a little, I kept working it back and forth until it would swing freely.  The hairpin clip in the top wouldn’t come out so I cut it off flush with the cutoff blade on my angle grinder.  With the pin out I kept working the bracket back and forth as I pulled it downward and out of the support.

Once out I could drive the remains of the hairpin clip out.  To get the wheel off I had to carefully cut off the cotter pin with my angle grinder and work the wheel back and forth as I pulled it off.  The Teflon bearing was stuck to the shaft, but the plastic wheel slid off leaving the Teflon bearing.  (I didn’t get a picture of that.)  By squeezing the bearing with a vice grip pliers, it would deform just enough to come free from the shaft.  After squeezing it in a couple places, I managed to work it off the shaft and carefully drive it back into the wheel center.

I drove the remaining piece of one of the cotter pins out, but I had to drill the other one.  It’s soft metal and drilled pretty easily.   Both wheels worked freely after a little sanding and cleaning.

I reassembled everything and everything worked as it should.


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