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Liam Cunningham’s E-Z Rake Dethatcher

Here’s what Liam had to say about his dethatcher:

“I originally found the Ez Rake listed on craigslist and as per the usual it got sent to me by a fellow collector too far away to get it. I saw it and first I had no idea what it was then I did some googling and saw Paul from Cub Cadet Man had one and I was then dead set on getting it. So we went that night and picked it up, turned out it was a guy I had bought some weights from in the past. He said he used in a year ago to dethatch and it worked great so I was SOLD! Got it home and got it running the next day and mounted it to my O as pictured. This has the adjustable mounts as well for the O, Narrow, and wide frame cubs. It is a fun attachment and I did a good job tearing up my green grass!”

Here’s the pictures Liam sent me:


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