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Hawk-Bilt Model H-900 owned by Eric Tyler

This is what Eric Tyler had to say about his groundsaw:   “It is a project, one I have had for a few years and have yet got done. The trencher came separately from the 100 it is now sitting on. The 100 ran fine a couple years ago, I started disassembly for restoration. The pump and such are there, the chain is apart, could be used for show but for real work you would want to replace the chain. ”

Eric currently has this groundsaw for sale, but I think he’s already located a buyer.  Here’s some pictures he sent me.

Eric Tyler Pic 1 Eric Tyler Pic 2












Eric Tyler Pic 3

Eric Tyler Pic 4












Eric Tyler Pic 5Eric Tyler Pic 6












Eric Tyler Pic 7Eric Tyler Pic 8












Eric Tyler Pic 9Eric Tyler Pic 10












Eric Tyler Pic 11Eric Tyler Pic 12












Eric Tyler Pic 13Eric Tyler Pic 14












Eric Tyler Pic 15Eric Tyler Pic 16












Eric Tyler Pic 17Eric Tyler Pic 18












Eric Tyler Pic 19Eric Tyler Pic 20












Eric Tyler Pic 21Eric Tyler Pic 22











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