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Our Hawk Bilt Model H-900

A gentleman named John contacted me about a groundsaw that he owned. Here’s what John had to say about his groundsaw.

“I have a 1968 Inhofer Industries 36” “Groundsaw” Hawk-Bilt mfg. Eagle Grove, Iowa. Serial number 654. It is in mint condition. It is complete minus 1 hydraulic line. The hydraulic oil filter has never been used.

I came across this groundsaw while I was looking for parts to dig a trench to lay pipes. It was in a backyard, on some pallets under a tarp in Spokane Valley, WA. It turned out not being exactly what I needed, but after doing some research, I didn’t know if I wanted to bang it around as much as I had planned considering the condition of it. I know it’s a great piece of equipment.”

In a later telephone conversation, John told me that it had originally been purchased by a rental place that went out of business before they could ever get it mounted and rented. The person John purchased it from bought all the inventory of the rental place but had no use for the groundsaw. It just set at his location until John purchased it. He also indicated he was interested in selling it.

After a few telephone conversations and emails, we agreed on a price. John also indicated he would be willing to ship the groundsaw from Washington state to me. We checked with Fastenal and they could ship the 300+ pound groundsaw from Spokane, Washington to Evansville, Indiana for $175. I felt that was very reasonable. And, almost two weeks later, I had possession of a NOS groundsaw.

Since it is NOS and never been used or mounted, we plan to only use it for shows. It will never see dirt!!!