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Before I started on the body work or invested in new batteries, I wanted to make sure all the electrical stuff worked. The 95 operates on 36 volts provided by three 12 volt deep cycle batteries. The 95 has a 36 volt D.C. motor that drives a 3 speed Peerless transmission. Consequently, you have 3 distinct ground speeds with no “in between.”   The “ignition” key energizes a solenoid that starts the electric motor. That solenoid also completes a secondary circuit that keeps the solenoid engaged with the key in the “run” position. When the key is turned to the “off” position, the circuit is broken and the solenoid disengages.

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Since I didn’t want to invest in 3 batteries until I knew everything worked, I borrowed a booster battery from a buddy to use in conjunction with my booster battery. With only 24 volts, the system was hit and miss. Sometimes it would engage and sometimes it wouldn’t. I later discovered that 24 volts is close to the critical voltage for everything to work. The experiment did give me the confidence to purchase and install the proper batteries.   With 36 volts (actually 38.4) everything except the timer on the rapid charging system worked as it should.   The timer didn’t move at all.   But since the trickle charge worked   I was ready to start on the body work.

Cadet 95 pic 23

While I had the body off, I did take the opportunity to drive the 95.   Everything with the exception of the timer seemed to work as it should. But about the third time I went to charge it after driving it around, not only the timer but the whole rapid charge system no longer worked.

Cadet 95 pic 24

Using the procedure outlined in the Operator’s Manual, I went through the check procedure and concluded that the capacitor was bad.

Cadet 95 pic 25

When I picked up the 95 the area around and below the charger was full of leaves and debris.   I’m guessing that allowed the bottom of the capacitor to rust through and destroy its usefulness. I went online and was lucky enough to find a replacement capacitor. I’m guessing it was NOS because the packaging had been around for a while.

Cadet 95 pic 26

I installed the NOS capacitor.   The timer still didn’t work, but the rapid charging system did. Someday I may work on trying to find a replacement for the timer, but for now, everything else works just fine.


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