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Jiffy Balling Sickle Bar Mower

Jiffy Balling mower

My Jiffy Balling Sickle bar mower was manufactured for an early model Cub Cadet.  I had a frame that I could use to make the dolly.  Since the mower sat flat on the ground when attached to a Cub Cadet, it didn’t require any additional support when attached to the dolly.  I attached a picture of the attachment  mounted on a Cub Cadet to the dolly so the casual observer would better understand what they were looking at.

Dolly Jiffy Balling Pic 1Dolly Jiffy Balling Pic 2















I added a bracket across the back of the Cub Cadet frame where I  insert a 4 foot long handle to move the dolly around.

Dolly Jiffy Balling Pic 3


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